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English "Tea Time Talk about topics"

13:00  - 14:30
Veranstaltungsort Angelikastraße 1
01099 Dresden

Tea Time Talk about topics

Ladies*, we need to talk! We need to talk about things! Be it sports, politics, underwater basket weaving, or relationships. Every second Monday, from 01:00 to 02:30 PM is the time to do so.
»What is the point?« you may wonder. Well, wonder no longer! We all know that if you don‘t use a language, you lose a language. I want to prevent such loss!
If your English is good enough to read this, then your English is good enough to hold a conversation. So come on over for the first Tea Time Talk about relationships on Monday, the 13th of January.


Trainer: Julia Hartl
Dates: 13.01. | 27.01. | 10.02. | 24.02. | 09.03. | 23.03. | 06.04. | 20.04. | 04.05. | 18.05. | 08.06. | 22.06.
Time: Mo 01:00–02:30 PM
Registration: If you want to bring in a topic, please do so one week in advance.

Format: Special