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Two Case Studies of Communitarian Feminism: Bolivia and Guatemala

Uni Wuppertal
10:00  - 11:00

wir laden euch ganz herzlich zu unseren zwei Vorträgen "Two Case Studies
of Communitarian Feminism: Bolivia and Guatemala" am 13. und 14 Oktober
um 10 Uhr (1h) ein. Da die Vorträge international besetzt sind, werden
die Referent:innen Tania Pleitez Vela und Diego Falconí auf englisch

Hier einige Infos:
Communitarian feminism proposes a feminist practice that derives from
the reality in which indigenous and peasant women who build
communitarian and multilingual forms of life live in Abya Yala. In other
words, it seeks to create a counter-hegemonic feminism that questions
the representation of the feminist subject within the stereotypes of
white, middle-class, heterosexual women. In this way, they recognize the
community’s own history and its practices of resistance to confront the
colonial and patriarchal substratum, making visible the collective
rights to which women’s rights are added.

This seminar consists of two sessions. In the first one, Diego Falconí
will address the origin of communitarian feminism through the Comunidad
Mujeres Creando Comunidad (CMCC), which emerged in Bolivia in 1992 under
the leadership of Julieta Paredes, and its various stages. In the second
session, Tania Pleitez Vela will refer to the case of Guatemala,
specifically to the so-called ancestral patriarchy and the counterpoints
derived from the proposals of Aura Cumes and Lorena Cabnal.

Seminar: Two Case Studies of Communitarian Feminism: Bolivia and Guatemala
Uhrzeit: 13.Okt..2021 10:00 AM Amsterdam, Berlin, Rom, Stockholm, Wien
        13.Okt..2021 10:00 AM
        14.Okt..2021 10:00 AM

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Format: Vortrag

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